Malik Riaz Hussain

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Malik Riaz
Malik Riaz has set up an example for people to come forward and implement socially responsible and sustainable programs to reduce economic disparity. His idea of mutual prosperity has touched the lives and hearts of masses and has infused a hope for a “New Pakistan” for a better and prosperous future.

Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain persistent efforts for social welfare and poverty alleviation are a source of continuous inspiration and encouragement for many with the power to affect and change. He aims to build the future by changing the vision of modern Pakistan into reality. He is proud to be a part of this great nation and is determined to contribute more and more towards its economic and social development in the months and years to come.


Religious beliefs are firmly rooted in Malik Riaz’s personality and he aspires that his actions should truly reflect his gratitude towards Allah Almighty. He strongly desires that each one of us should follow the example of Hazrat Umer Farooq who stopped having honey and meat in extreme conditions. He is adamant to support the common and the deprived sectors of society and inquiries relentlessly “Why can’t we share our honey and meat with the country’s poor?”


Malik Riaz NewsMalik Riaz Hussain, along with his son cum partner Ali Riaz Malik had proved themselves as the established businessman in the whole country Pakistan. Not only in business, but they had together worked for the best of interest related to humanity. They are working in a great capacity for humanity to serve society and make it much better for the needy. Presently they are taking care of the different charitable trusts throughout the country. With this, they are also serving the underprivileged people around the country for the basic necessity of things such as food, free medical facility, and other help. These basic needs, if not been with the underprivileged people, then it becomes difficult for them to survive, and providing these needs to them, is a great responsibility they are performing for the society. Handling different duties of the society along with business and taking them to this height requires a lot of effort and dedication.


They are handling various projects around the country. One of the vital projects they are handling is International Hospital Karachi. This project recently is highly popular among the public locally. Almost everyone in the country is aware of it and could associate it. In this, they are offering the best of a specialty in medical treatment to everyone. Most of the medical treatments are very costly, and it is difficult for the underprivileged or people from not so financially sound background to afford the same. For this, they are also in the process of starting free services for treatment to those people who could not afford the treatment.


The hospital associated with them is equipped with the best of basic amenities for the diagnosis as well as treatment. Not only this in the hospital, but they had also appointed the best of medical professionals like extremely qualified doctors, paramedical staff, and well- trained nursing staff. They provide the best of medical services to the patient and also provide support to the common people staying around. For those who require medical treatment but do not have sufficient money to get themselves treated, they can go for the treatment. Due to the availability of medical treatment and services to the not so financially sound people, they had become aware of their physical health. They had also started taking the initiative to have a healthy life so that they can live life to the fullest.


These people do not have enough money through which they can get the treatment and make their loved ones fit. For these people in Bahria town, the International hospital will be a blessing as it provides the best of health facility to them. There was a time when there was a lot of struggle in the life of Malik Riaz Hussain, as he needed to sell his household goods even so that the treatment of his daughter could be possible. It was a tough time for Malik Riaz Hussain as there was not sufficient amount to take care of the medical treatment for his daughter, and to collect the money for treatment is a mind-numbing task for him. While going through this tough time, he raised a pledge that he will bring the best of medical facilities in the country. After bringing this facility, there will be no one who needs to struggle in his life to get medical treatment. There will be no one deprived of medical treatment as the person could not afford or do not have the standard to get the best of treatment with the best of medical equipment. There will be no one in the country who needs to face the same situation as him for medical treatment.


Presently, he is the seventh richest person in the whole of Pakistan. He had put full efforts and resources to serve humanity by serving the people who are in need. At Karachi in Bahria town, International hospital the world-class facilities for medical treatment is being provided by the highly equipped doctors with the best of medical professionals. All these medical services are provided free of cost to the people in need and save them from the harassment caused in securing money for the medical treatment. Malik Riaz Hussain has a belief that if the commitment has been given to serve humanity, then it should be done. Whatever you give will to society, the almighty will return the same to you by giving more than 70 percent back. Malik Riaz Hussain believes in Allah and always tries to serve his best to the creation of God.