Friday sermon offered by Maulana Tariq Jamil the at the world’s 7th largest Masjid, Bahria Town Lahore

Maulana Traiq Jamil, Renowned Islamic scholar, has delivered the Friday sermon whilst leading the Friday prayers at Bahria Town’s Grand Jamia Masjid. Its worth mentioning here that this facility is largest Masjid in Pakistan and also the 7th largest around the world. Maulana Traiq Jamil also applauded the beautiful architecture and facilities at the Jama masjid and made special prayers for Malik Riaz hussain, who is the chairman of the Bahria town. Apart from the Masjid, the initiatives for the welfare of the society by Malik riaz hussain and his son Ahmed ali riaz has also bene appreciated by everyone present in the ceremony. Maulana further quoted that it’s the need of the hour for the Muslims to get united and ask for forgiveness of their sins. During the recitation of surah Tayyba and the event of Karbala, he stated that the whole muslim community and the citizens of Pakistan must learn from Bahria town and Malik riaz hussain to work toward the better future of the country.

Bahria Town also facilitated the Jama masjid with the best security arrangements for the event and the entire premises of the Jama Masjid( Internal and External) was fully occupied with around 100,000 people, coming from all age groups and sections. Thousands of people have gathered from across various parts of the country and hundreds of women were also present in the area dedicated to them.

It must be mentioned that this great masterpiece of native Pakistani architecture has been designed by Nayyar Dada, and holds the capacity to accommodate more than 70,000 people and this further makes it the world’s 7th Largest Masjid. Apart from the accommodation for the ‘ Namazis’ , the facility has a dedicated praying areas for women, along with a  school and an Islamic Art Gallery in the vicinity of the premises.

If you look at the interiors of the Jama masjid, it can be quoted as surreal with beautiful calligraphy done by the most renowned calligraphic artists of Islamic art in the country. The carpets on the floor area are been custom made in Turkey and there are hundreds of shining chandeliers that have been imported from across various parts of the globe, whilst creating a vivacious Islamic ambiance around. The whole structure confined  of 4 minarets in total whilst each of them standing at a height of 165 ft along with a Grand Dome in the middle which is then surrounded by 20 smaller  domes. One of the biggest highlights of the masjid is that the structure is comprised of 4 million, 2.5 inch Multani tiles which are specially crafted by hands with the use of local Multani mitti and then got hand placed by the craftsman itself. Moreover, it took them more than 4 years to place those to the whole structure.