Filippo Berio Olive Oil launched at Greenvalley Hypermarket by Italian Ambassador

Filippo Berio, which is one of the world’s most premium olive oil brands, has increased its business outreach to Pakistan. There as a ceremony which was been hosted at Greenvalley Premium Hypermarket in Bahria Town in the same regards and the Italian Anbassador, Mr. Adriano Chiodi Cianfarani.He was further been accompanied by Ms. Elena Claudia Di Vito, who is the First Secretary and also the Head of Economic, Cultural & Press Office. Chairman of the Bahria town, Mr Malik Riaz hussain was also present in the ceremony along with Cdr Ikkyas who is the VCE of the Bahroa town.

His Excellency Mr. Adriano Chiodi Cianfarani was extremely delighted after witnessing the craze in the Pakistani market about the Italian products and he appreciated the rising health consciousness amongst the masses in the same regards. He was further been impressed after seeing the overall development of th  Bahria Town owned by Malik Riaz hussain. He also applauded the facilities and infrastructure of the Greenvalley Hypermarket, which has established itself as the premium vendor of most of the International products around. Chairman Bahria Town Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain further stated the fact that Bahria Town takes all the pride in bringing and accommodating hundreds of international brands to the country and keep on continuing with their efforts .The Italian ambassador further thanked Bahria Town for lending him a chance to visit Greenvalley premium hypermarket and quoted this as a big step towards strengthening the ties between the two countries in the process.

Filippo Berio comes as one of the best Italian firms with over 135 years of legacy at their back. The firm got its global outreach to over 65 countries and comes at a leading position to countries like USA, Canada, Switzerland and UK along with a strong presence in countries like Japan and emerging markets. Filippo Berio comes as a delicious & 100% natural Olive oil and got a big reputation of purity, authenticity and quality. Every other day, millions of users worldwide make a choice of  Filippo Berio olive oil as an oil for their everyday use .Filippo Berio olive oil is also known for its consistent quality strict controlling process which is been applied at every stage; from sourcing of the olives, their harvesting, pressing, blending and bottling into the final product. Filippo Berio’s highly expertise tasters check 6,000 olive oils samples each year and only 6% from the lot get to become a Filippo Berio olive oil. The firms also have a production facility in Europe which is highly equipped and loaded with all the advanced equipments. Most of the varieties which are available as Filippo Berio Olive Oils in Greenvalley include Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Extra Virgin Gran Cru, Extra Virgin Flavoured Oils, Pure Olive Oil, and Mild & Light Olive Oils & Olive Oil Sprays.

Mr. Abbas Ali, one of the guests, was really happy to see Filippo Berio products in the country and said that he was desperately looking for a high quality Organic Olive Oil in Pakistan, as it helps big time in lowering down the bad cholesterol levels in our blood. There were many other ladies present in the ceremony which expressed their joy and excitement after seeing Filippo Berio products in Pakistan, as they were quite into the health related products in the country. 

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