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Bahria Town Projects

Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore, Peshawar

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Pakistan’s 1st International Standard Day & Night Zoo in Bahria Town Karachi.


From ferocious carnivores to whistling birds, Wild on Wheels & Boating Club, Danzoo offers a blend of knowledge and entertainment. Danzoo houses a range of exotic & Indigenous breeds of animals and birds.

Along with the incredible day visit where you will get to see a variety of magnificent animals in the park up close, now for the first time in Pakistan, you can observe the animal during the night-time as well. The night visit includes some of the most fascinating nocturnal wildlife. explore the park and get mesmerized by the presence of the king of the jungle, and get up-close with your favorite animals including giraffes, zebras, tigers, llamas, deer, exotic birds and many more. when you enter the zoo, you can take a special tour known as ‘Tour De Danzoo’ which takes you on a golf cart ride to the entire zoo or hop on for the ride of your life on the boats.

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