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Bahria Town Projects

Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore, Peshawar

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Bahria Dancing Fountain

A dazzling display of fountain water & laser light choreography


Bahria Town, in keeping with its rich legacy of creating new trends in unique lifestyles at par with international trends now features the most modern and advanced dancing fountain in Pakistan at Bahria Town Karachi: Bahria Dancing Fountains, Built by the creators of Singapore Sentosa and Dubai Canal Waterfall, Bahria Dancing Fountains are a dazzling display of water choreography as music and light intertwine to create a mesmerizing performance. More than 250 water fountains dance to the most enchanting orchestra, opera, classical, pop, and local tunes.

The ecstasy of the shooting waters, rising up to 180 feet in the air to the rhythm of music with unique expressions and interpretations for everyone is one of its kind experience.

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